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The On Purpose Podcaster

Sep 26, 2019

Hands up if at school you were regularly in trouble for talking too much? 

Unsurprisingly, it's many Podcasters - because we have a love of verbal and auditory communication (who would have thought, right?) but today's guest took those experiences and mixed them with her more than 26 years of being in business to create a podcast that generates 50% of her leads. 

Today we're chatting to Samantha Riley from the Thought Leaders Business Lab Podcast about why she chose to podcast and how it fits into the larger scheme of her business. We look at the challenges and very cool experiences she's had like interviewing JP Sears of Ultra Spiritual and Dr. John De Martini - the challenges she overcame in the early days, and much more.


Who is Samantha Riley?

Samantha Riley is from the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Australia, and has spent the past 8 years helping people turn their expertise into a thriving business. Everything she teaches is what she’s learned through personal experience while building multiple businesses over the past 26 years.

She uses the 3 key principles of positioning, profile, and leverage to help people to monetize their expertise and to become the go-to authority in their industry. Due to her extensive business background, she sees each individual in a unique and holistic way and is able to help them grow a profitable business to create a life that they love.

Connect with Samantha and Listen to Her Podcast:

Find out how to grow a successful business as a thought leader and expert. Join 25-year business veteran Samantha Riley, as she enters the Business Lab, and explores the current business growth and marketing strategies in the three mandatory areas needed to create a successful business - mindset, talent, and people. If you’re looking for inspiration and actionable advice, pop your earbuds in, and join her in the Lab and get ready to grow your business.
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